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65 Common OPPOSITE Words

One of the first set of words we teach our children when preparing them for reading are opposites. Throughout my thirty-three years as a child care provider I’ve had fun playing the opposite game. Below is a small list of words that are easy for young children to work with. It is by no means a full representation of all the opposite words out there, but it’s a starting point.

1. back /front
2. begin / end
3. big / little
4. boy / girl
5. brother / sister
6. clean / dirty
7. come / go
8. day / night
9. east / west
10. easy / hard
11. enter / exit
12. early / late
13. fast / slow
14. few / many
15. first / last
16. fix / break
17. full / empty
18. go / stop
19. good / bad
20. happy /sad
21. hard / soft
22. heavy / light
23. here / there
24. high / low
25. hot / cold
26. in / out
27. inside / outside
28. kind / mean
29. left / right
30. less / more
31. light / dark
32. long / short
33. lost / found
34. low / high
35. new / old
36. north / south
37. odd / even
38. on / off
39. open / close
40. over / under
41. pull / push
42. quiet / noisy
43. rain / sunshine
44. rich / poor
45. right / left
46. run / walk
47. same / different
48. sharp / dull
49. sit / stand
50. small / big
51. start / stop
52. strong / weak
53. sweet / sour
54. sun / moon
55. sunny / cloudy
56. tall / short
57. tight / loose
58. true / false
59. up / down
60. warm / cool
61. wide / narrow
62. woman / man
63. wet / dry
64. yes / no
65. young / old

The Human Body word list

This list contains words for body parts or words and phrases using body part association, or had the body part in the word or phrase itself.

Armband Armchair Armful
Armhole Armlet Armpit
Armrest Arm’s length Arm-twisting
Arm wrestling
Blood bank Bloodbath Blood brother
Blood cell Blood count Blood donor
Blooded Blood feud Bloodhound
Bloodshed Bloodshot Bloodstone
Bloodstream Bloodsucker Blood sugar
Blood test Bloodthirsty Blood-typing
Blood vessel Bloody Bloody-minded
Cold-blooded Hot-blooded Warm-blooded
Brainchild Brain drain Brainless
Brainpower Brain stem Brainstorm
Brain trust Brainwash Brain wave
Browbeat Browed Eyebrow
Highbrow Lowbrow
Earache Ear clip Eardrop
Eardrum Eared Earflap
Earful Earlobe Ear lock
Earmuff Earring In one ear (out the other)
Eye bank Eye bar Eye bright
Eye chart Eye contact Eyecup
Eye lens Eye of the needle Eye opener
Eye shadow Eye train Eyeball
Eyebolt Eyebrow Eye-catching
Eyed Eyedropper Eyeglasses
Eyehole Eyelash Eyelet
Eyelid Eyeliner Eyepiece
Eyes opened Eyeshade Eyesight
Eyestrain Eyewitness Starry-eyed
Barefaced Face cloth Face-lift
Facemask Face sown Face value
Faceless Face-off Faceplate
Face-saver Face-to-face Facing
Finger food Finger hold Finger hole
Finger picking Finger pointing Finger spelling
Fingered Fingering Fingernail
Finger-paint Fingerprint Fingertip
Barefoot Foot and mouth disease Foot fault
Foot race Foot soldier Footage
Football Footbath Footboard
Footbridge Footcloth Footed
Footfall Footgear Foothill
Foothold Footing Footlights
Footlocker Footloose Footnote
Footpad Footpath Footprint
Footrace Footsie Footsore
Footstep Footstone Footstool
Footwear Footwork
Backhand Hand basket Hand list
Hand off Hand over Hand press
Hand puppet Handbag Handball
Hand-blown Handbook Handbrake
Handcar Handcart Handclasp
Handcraft Handcuff Handheld
Handhold Handiwork Handmaiden
Hand-me-down Handpick Handprint
Handsaw Handset Handshake
Handsome Handspring Handstand
Hand-woven Handwriting Handy
Downhearted Heart disease Heart failure
Heart free Heart rendering Heart whole
Heartache Heartbeat Heartbreak
Heartburn Heartfelt Heartland
Heartless Heartsick Heartstring
Heartthrob Heart-to-heart Heartwarming
Nose guard Nose job Noseband
Nosebleed Nosedive Nosepiece
Nose-ring Nosey Nosing
Toe dance Toe shoe Toecap
Toehold Toenail
Waistband Waistcoat Waistline
Waist pack
Wristband Wristlet Wristlock

SAID part 4

This is the last of the words to replace SAID in your writing.
Sorry for the long delay in posting this list. It seems I lost my word lists. No clue how, but all my Word List files went poof. So I have slowly, (and I do mean slowly) been rebuilding them.
In the coming weeks watch for my next list of words This one will be the BASIC words for the human body. I’m still working on the other topics. Can’t wait to post them for you.

Have fun writing–DeAnn.

Quarreled Queried Questioned
Quibbled Quipped Quizzed
Raggedly Railed Rallied
Rambled Ranted Rapped
Rasped Rattled on Raved
Reaffirmed Reasoned Reassured
Rebuffed Rebutted Recapitulated
Reciprocated Recited Recommended
Recounted Reechoed Reeled off
Referred Reflected Refused
Refuted Regretted Rehearsed
Reiterated Rejoiced Rejoined
Related Relented Remarked
Reminded Remonstrated Renounced
Repeated Repented Rephrased
Replied Reported Retracted
Returned Revealed Reviewed
Rhapsodized Ridiculed Roared
Ruled Rumored
Sanctioned Sang Scoffed
Scolded Scowled Screamed
Screeched Scrutinized Seconded
Shouted Shrieked Sighed
Slandered Slobbered Slurred
Smile Snapped Snarled
Sneered Sniggered Sniveled
Snorted Snuffled Sobbed
Softly Solicited Soliloquized
Specified Speculated Spewed
Spieled off Spoke Spouted
Sputtered Squawked Squeaked
Squealed Squelched Stammered
Stated Stipulated Stormed
Stressed Stumbled Stuttered
Submitted Suggested Summoned
Supposed Swore
Talked Tattled Taunted
Teased Tee-heed Testified
Thought Threatened Thundered
Tittered Told Transmitted
Trumpeted Twitted Twittered
Understated Upbraided Urged
Vended Vented Ventriloquized
Ventured Verbalized Vociferated
Voiced Volunteered Vouchsafed
Wackety-yakked Wailed Warbled
Warned Went on Wept
Wheezed Whiffled Whimpered
Whined Whispered Whistled
Whooped Wished Wondered
Worded Wrangled
Yakked Yapped Yawned
Yawped Yelled Yelped

Words to replace SAID in your writing.

AS PROMISED, THE REVISED (CORRECTED) LIST FOR SAID. Thanks for your understanding.
This list is all about words that can be used to replace the word he/she SAID in your writing.
Personally, I think this is one area that takes time and effort on figuring out exactly what it is your characters or sources (if you are quoting someone) is trying to convey. You want to show not tell your reader what he/she is feeling in the words you use.

Accepted Accused Acknowledged
Acquiesced Additionally Added
Addressed Ad-libbed Admitted
Admonished Advised Advocated
Affirned Agreed Alleged
Allowed Alluded Announced
Answered Anticipated Appealed
Approved Argued Articulated
Asked Assented Asserted
Assumed Assured Assured
Attested Avowed