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MISUSED words part 2

This list is all about words that we often MISUSE in our writing.

In– within a space Into– entering a space
Infer– to conclude something Imply– state something indirectly
Inherent– logically inseparable Inherit– to pass down to the next generation
Isle– an island Aisle– a corridor to pass from one place to another
Its– ownership form of it It’s– short for it is
Levee– built to help keep a river from flooding land Levy– impose a tax
Lay– to place something Lie– prostrate, horizontal Lie– tell an untruth
Loathe– strongly dislike Loath– unwilling, reluctant
Loose– not tight Lose– misplace Loss– something you no longer have
Method– procedure or process Methodology — study or analysis of working methods
Past– previously occurred Passed– past tense for pass
Perspective– view at angles Prospective– expectation
Principal– main, person in charge Principle– basic truth
Sense– feel, wisdom Since– stating from the time, because, while, as
Sometimes– at an unspecified time Some time– an amount of time Sometimes– now and then
Than– comparison Then– refers to time
Their– ownership form of they There– a place not here They’re short for they are
To– in the direction too– means also Two– a number
Wander– to meander or stray Wonder–to marvel or to be curious or in doubt
Were– past tense of to be We’re– short for we are Where– a place
Weather– refers to state of atmosphere Whether– which one
Who– refers to people Which– refers to things That– refers to either
Who’s– short for who is Whose– ownership for who
Your– ownership of something You’re– short for you are

Do you have words that you continually mix up or misuse. Share them and I’ll add them to the list.



This list is all about words that are often MISUSED in our writing.

Accept— to receive Except— exclude
Advice— an opinion Advise— to give information
Affect— to change Effect— to accomplish
Allusion— indirect reference Illusion— mistaken perception
Almost— nearly Most— more than half
A lot— more Alot— misspelling for A lot Allot— to give something
Already— a specific time All ready— prepared
All right— adequate, average, correct Alright— misspelled for all right
Altogether— entirely All together— gather
Bad— describes nouns Badly— discribes verbs
Breath— gulp of air Breathe— take in and blow out air
Casual— informal Causal— relating to cause
cite— to quote Sight— something seen Site— is a place
Complementary— go well together Complimentary— give without charge
Conscience— recognize right and wrong Conscious— aware of something
Desert— barren area Desert— abandon Dessert— at the end of a meal
Disassemble— to dismantle Dissemble— to tell lies
Discreet— showing discernment Discrete— separate parts
Emigrate— leave one country to live in another Immigrate— become established in a new country
eminent— means emerging Imminent— about to occur Immanent— indwelling, pervading
Feature— facial parts Feature— program, entertainment
Hangar— housing for aircraft Hanger— clothes hang on
Hanged— lynched with a rope Hung— to cling
Hear— to detect sound Here— in this place
Former— first in group Latter— second in group
Good— describes nouns Well— describes verbs

Words phrases to use in place of EXAMPLE

I hope you like this week’s list of words and find many to use in you writing for them.
Sorry, I’m late with this list of words. So much has happened here at home, vacation, repair work to the house and my granddaughter coming to stay for the summer. Life is wonderful and full of joy. I hope this summer is going great for each of you.

Keep cool and keep writing.

The following is a list of a few of the words and/or phrases that will help you to EXAMPLE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes EXAMPLE as “…serves as a pattern…be imiated…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for EXAMPLE, “…sample. specimen …”

A case in point A model of A sample will show
Application of a rule An analogy Another way
As an example As an illustration At the same time
For example For instance For one thing
In fact In one example In order to clarify
In other words In particular In the following manner
In the same way In this case In this instance
In this specific instance Incidentally indeed
More exactly More specifically Namely
One sample Representative Show a resemblance
Specifically Such as Suppose that
That is Thus To be exact
To bring to light To cite a reference To clarify
To demonstrate To exemplify To explain
To illustrate To put it another way To show
To show a parallel To repeat To show a pattern

Transition words for –INTENT

The following is a list of a few of the words and/or phrases that will help you to INTENT in
your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes INTENT
as “…eager attention…will concentrated on something or some end or purpose”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for INTENT, “…steadfast…attentive…watchful…mindful”

Act of intending Aim All practical purposes
Attention applied By design Concentrated
Determined Engrossed Firmly fixed
Fixed Focused On Implicit meaning
In the sense Intention On purpose
Purposes The act To focus
To plan

Word list for — INTENSIFY

The following is a list of a few of the words and/or phrases that will help you to INTENSIFY in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes INTENSIFY as “…become intense or more intensive”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for INTENSIFY, “…sharpen, heighten…enhance …enrich”

Above all Accentuate Act of increasing
Added to Amp up Amplify
Beef up Boost Consolidate
Deepen Enhance Exaggerate
Heighten Increase in extent Increase the contrast
Incremental Intensifying Magnify
Make stronger More More extreme
Redouble Sharpen Step up
Strengthen To enlarge To stress

A Writer’s Quick Reference Guide to Words,

Wow, my e-book is up and running on Amazon and soon to be available on the other e-readers. It’s truly excited to share my love of words with so many.

“A Writer’s Quick Reference Guide to Words” is for the busy writer by having readymade lists of assemble words and phrases divided for quick and easy reference. This book is a great tool for writers, teachers, students and for businesses, no matter the age, educational needs or professional status.
Who couldn’t use a little extra help smoothing the transitions in sentences, speeches, reports or letters and e-mails? An example of the lists included in this quick and handy guide are; classify and divide, intensify, time, order and sequence and many more.

What others have already had to say about the list:
” The lists are infinitely helpful. Thanks” Barbara E.

“This is a wonderful tool…Thank you” Chris

“… this that provide useful tools for writers! I happen to need the time, order, sequence one right now to fix a line in a current ms, so thanks!” Janet T.

“Oh, bless you for this list. Seems like I get stuck on TOO and ALSO all the time. I need a good list like this.” Linda K.

“This is a wonderful site for new writer’s who have not had to think about proper grammar in years! I know I will be using it a lot!” Thanks, Kim G.

Thank you all for your kind words, your suggestions and your support. Remember to watch for more lists to come on this blog and in my next book on words.

Words and Phrases to help EMPHASIZE

To all of those affected by the weather in the last few months, and for a fellow writer/friend effected by yesterday’s tornado my thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God watch over you.

The following is a list of a few of the words and phrases that will help you EMPHASIZE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes EMPHASIZE
as “…to place emphasis on…stress…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for EMPHASIZE, “…lay stress…italicize…call attention…”

Accent Accentuate Affirm
Assert Draw attention to Emphatic
Feature Highlight Illuminate
Impress upon Make clear Make much of
Make noteworthy Pinpoint Play up
Point out Primarily Prominence to
Punctuate Reemphasize Significant
Stress upon To emphasize a point To stress