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Word list for — INTENSIFY

The following is a list of a few of the words and/or phrases that will help you to INTENSIFY in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes INTENSIFY as “…become intense or more intensive”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for INTENSIFY, “…sharpen, heighten…enhance …enrich”

Above all Accentuate Act of increasing
Added to Amp up Amplify
Beef up Boost Consolidate
Deepen Enhance Exaggerate
Heighten Increase in extent Increase the contrast
Incremental Intensifying Magnify
Make stronger More More extreme
Redouble Sharpen Step up
Strengthen To enlarge To stress

Words and Phrases to help EMPHASIZE

To all of those affected by the weather in the last few months, and for a fellow writer/friend effected by yesterday’s tornado my thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God watch over you.

The following is a list of a few of the words and phrases that will help you EMPHASIZE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes EMPHASIZE
as “…to place emphasis on…stress…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for EMPHASIZE, “…lay stress…italicize…call attention…”

Accent Accentuate Affirm
Assert Draw attention to Emphatic
Feature Highlight Illuminate
Impress upon Make clear Make much of
Make noteworthy Pinpoint Play up
Point out Primarily Prominence to
Punctuate Reemphasize Significant
Stress upon To emphasize a point To stress

This week’s list is on words that show cause and effect.

The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes cause and effect as “…reason for an action…come into being”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for cause and effect, “…motivate …incentive … by-product…reaction …”

Accordingly After As a result
Because Because of this Begin
Bring about Bring on By reason of
By the way By-product Cause
Caused by Consequence Consequently
Created Due to Effect
Effected Eventually Feedback
Following For this reason Further
Furthermore Generate Gradual
Hence Impact In conclusion
In fact In view of Incentive
Incidentally Launched Of course
On account of Otherwise Owing to
Produced Reason Result
Resulted in Since Started
Subsequently The aftermath The end product
The end result The outcome The ramifications
Then There upon Thus
To this end

WORDS to indicate Time, Order and Sequence

The following is a list of words and/or phrases that will help you to indicate TIME, ORDER, SEQUENCE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes indicate time, order, sequence as “…measurable period…arrange…connected series…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for indicate time, order, sequence, “…chronology, duration…grouping, sort…succession, continuation…”

Abruptly After After a few days
After a long time After a short time After a while
After that Afterward All at once
All of the time All the while Always
As long as As soon as At first
At last At length At present
At that time At the beginning At the end
At that onset At the same time At this moment
At times Before Begin
By now Commence Commencing
Concurrently Consequently Continually
Currently Cyclically Directly
During Earlier Embark
Eventually Every time Final
Finally First Following
Following that Former Formerly
Frequently From this point Generally
Gradual Henceforth Hereafter
Heretofore Immediately In an instant
In awhile In conclusion In the end
In the first place In the future In the last place
In the meantime In the past In the second place
In turn In frequently Initial
Instantly Instantaneously Intermittent
Just then Last Last of all
Lastly Later Later on
Later that day Little by little Meanwhile
Momentarily Never Next
Not at all Not long after Not long ago
Now Occasionally Of late
Often Often time On the next occasion
Once Once upon a time Past
Periodically Preceding Present
Presently Previously Prior to
Promptly Quick Rarely
Recently Repeatedly Right after
Right away Second Seldom
Sequentially Shorty Simultaneously
Slow So far Some of the time
Some time Soon Soon after
Soon afterward Sporadically Starting with
Subsequently Suddenly Temporary
The latter The next The final
Then Thereafter This instant
Third To begin with To conclude
To finish Today Tomorrow
Twice Uncommon Ultimately
Until Until now Usually
When While Yesterday

Transition words for COMPARE-

The following is a list of words and/or phrases that will help you to show words that COMPARE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes compare as “…to examine the character or qualities of esp. in order to discover resemblances or differences…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for compare, “…collate, contrast, set side by side, juxtapose, oppose, set against…”

A comparable aspect Affinity A strong resemblance
Akin Also Analogous to
Another similarity As As compared with
As well as At the same time Balance
By the same token Coincide Comparable
Comparatively Compare Conform
Consistent with Correlate Correspondingly
Exactly Equal Equally
Equally important Equate Equivalent
Harmonize Homogeneous Identical
Identically In comparison In like manner
In much the same way In relation to In similar fashion
In the same manner In the same way Just the same
Like Liken Likeness
Likewise Look like Match
Matching Of little difference Of no difference
Parallel Paralleling Parallel to
Relate to Relatively Relative to
Resemblance Resemble Resembling
Same as Similarity Similarly
Similar to Synonymous with The next likeness
Too To the same extent Uniform

I hope you are finding these lists useful. If you find any errors or have any suggestion of new words feel free to contact me. Let me know what you think of the list.

Transition words for CONTRAST

Welcome to Words: for the imagination and the reality of life. Here you’ll find a new way to say the same old thing.  If you’ve found your word choices limited to a set of one to three or four word sets or phrases I hope you’ll find your horizons stretched and increased by visiting this Blog.

This week we’ll focus on that CONTRAST.

The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes contrast as “…compare or appraise in respect to differences…”. 
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition, “…differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, make a distinction, mark…”

The following are  lists of words and/or phrases that will help you to show contrast in your writing.

A clear difference A dissimilarity A distinct difference
A distinctive A strong distinction After all
Against Alternatively Although
Although this may be true Although true An opposing view
An unlikeness And yet Another distinction
At the same time Anti But
But another But at the same time By the same token
Conflicting viewpoint Contradictory Contrary to
Contrarily Conversely Counter to
Despite Despite this fact Diametrically opposed
Different from Disproportionately Dissimilar
Distinct Divergent Diverse
Even so Even though Faster
For For all that However
In another way In contrast In contrast to
In one way In opposition In reverse order
In sharp contrast In spite of Instead
Larger Less Likewise
More Nevertheless Nonetheless
Notwithstanding On one hand On the other hand
On the contrary Opposing Opposite
Otherwise Pro Rather
Slower Smaller Still
Still another Still yet The antithesis of
The next variation The reverse of The third distinction
Though To contradict To counter
To differ To differ from To differentiate
To oppose To the contrary Unbalanced
Unequal Unequally Unequivocally
Uniquely Unlike Versus
Whereas While Yet

In the coming weeks, I’ll offer word choices on how to indicate time order, various choices for substituting said, to make a point and much more.  I’ll also offer description words, phrases, and ideas on how to show your characters size, shape and tone without telling the reader.  I hope you stop in to visit often.  Feel free to offer your own suggestion and ideas.  See you next week.