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The lists provided on this blog are of my making. In no way am I claiming to have perfected the art of list making. In actuality I created this assortment of lists for my enjoyment, and hopefully, for yours.
I have generated the various lists on this blog and in part for my book (link on the home page) as a means to help writers of all grade and skill levels. If you feel you did not find (or even like) what you’ve found here feel free to write (your own creation) submit it to me. If it is appropriate for any age level I will consider adding it to the blog. You will get full credit with contact information as well as retaining full copyright of your work.
As a recovering illiterate, as I like call myself, I still struggle with grammar so if a mistake is found I take responsibility for that error. If you find something not quite right on A Writer’s to Words please inform me. I want to provide a product worthy of your time.

Unless stated, all copyrights of the content of this blog belong to DeAnn Sicard. The material on this blog may be copied or reprinted with permission only. All work must be linked back to A Writer’s to Words.
Guest bloggers and/or contributors are responsible for the copyrights of their work and for all the content provide to me for publication on A Writer’s Guide to Words. Full copyrights will remain with the individual providing the content for posting.

Reserve Rights
I, DeAnn Sicard, reserve the right to change and/or expand the purpose of the blog as I elect.


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  1. Dag nbabit good stuff you whippersnappers!

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