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DeAnn Sicard

As a RECOVERING illiterate, I’ve spent years upon years reading, reading and reading some more. As I watched my children grow into adults I set my goals to a new level. Not that I’d ever let my addiction to reading slide. I am now a writer. I have doubts, worries and the never ending fear that I shouldn’t even try to write but the dream is there and it’s not going away.

As with many RECOVERING illiterates, I worry that I’ll make a fool of myself because grammar was a tool I never comprehended while in school. And on top of that, what could I, someone who didn’t even learn how to read until I was in my twenties share with the world? Who’d want to read what I had to say?

So I decided a decade or so ago to build my foundation. I joined writer’s groups: Romance Writer’s of America(RWA), MRW, FTH, FF&P, Heartbeat, MARA, and others over the years. I wrote poems, articles and built a website (for my day job).

I’ve also written for a blog or two. I’m still fighting my battle of self-doubt but hey, we all have things we worry about, why let that hold me back, right?

This Blog is a result of my need to have a foundation and to reinforce my steadying growth as a writer. Here at, A Writer’s Guide to Words, I am sharing a collection of lists that I have spent months and years collecting into a file to help me develop my writing. As time passes, I’ll package the lists together and offer them by way of an e-book to other writers to use. Whether you’re just starting out or have spent a lifetime writing I think you’ll find something here to help.

You can also find me at;

Comments on: "DeAnn Sicard" (14)

  1. Deann,
    This is a wonderful site for new writer’s who have not had to think about proper grammer in years! I know I will be using it a lot!

    Kim G.

  2. DeAnn,
    This is a wonderful tool. I’ll be coming here on a regular basis.
    Thank you, Chris

  3. Hi DeAnn
    I love the self-deprecating way you describe yourself as a ‘recovering’ illiterate rather than using the past tense! I’ll be back.
    Keep it up

  4. Last one to utliize this is a rotten egg!

  5. Deann, I am so impressed! You are a wonderful example of someone working hard and with passion to attain success.

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