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65 Common OPPOSITE Words

One of the first set of words we teach our children when preparing them for reading are opposites. Throughout my thirty-three years as a child care provider I’ve had fun playing the opposite game. Below is a small list of words that are easy for young children to work with. It is by no means a full representation of all the opposite words out there, but it’s a starting point.

1. back /front
2. begin / end
3. big / little
4. boy / girl
5. brother / sister
6. clean / dirty
7. come / go
8. day / night
9. east / west
10. easy / hard
11. enter / exit
12. early / late
13. fast / slow
14. few / many
15. first / last
16. fix / break
17. full / empty
18. go / stop
19. good / bad
20. happy /sad
21. hard / soft
22. heavy / light
23. here / there
24. high / low
25. hot / cold
26. in / out
27. inside / outside
28. kind / mean
29. left / right
30. less / more
31. light / dark
32. long / short
33. lost / found
34. low / high
35. new / old
36. north / south
37. odd / even
38. on / off
39. open / close
40. over / under
41. pull / push
42. quiet / noisy
43. rain / sunshine
44. rich / poor
45. right / left
46. run / walk
47. same / different
48. sharp / dull
49. sit / stand
50. small / big
51. start / stop
52. strong / weak
53. sweet / sour
54. sun / moon
55. sunny / cloudy
56. tall / short
57. tight / loose
58. true / false
59. up / down
60. warm / cool
61. wide / narrow
62. woman / man
63. wet / dry
64. yes / no
65. young / old


TIME, ORDER, SEQUENCE, words to help you with your writing

I first posted this list back in 2010. To date it has received more hits than any of my other list. So I decided it was time to re-posting it now for my newer visitors. I hope you find it as useful as the thousands who have used it in the past.

The following is a list of words and/or phrases that will help you to indicate TIME, ORDER, SEQUENCE in your writing.
The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes indicate time, order, sequence as “…measurable period…arrange…connected series…”
The Synonym Finder, by J. I. Rodale definition for indicate time, order, sequence, “…chronology, duration…grouping, sort…succession, continuation…”

Abruptly After After a few days
After a long time After a short time After a while
After that Afterward All at once
All of the time All the while Always
As long as As soon as At first
At last At length At present
At that time At the beginning At the end
At that onset At the same time At this moment
At times Before Begin
By now Commence Commencing
Concurrently Consequently Continually
Currently Cyclically Directly
During Earlier Embark
Eventually Every time Final
Finally First Following
Following that Former Formerly
Frequently From this point Generally
Gradual Henceforth Hereafter
Heretofore Immediately In an instant
In awhile In conclusion In the end
In the first place In the future In the last place
In the meantime In the past In the second place
In turn In frequently Initial
Instantly Instantaneously Intermittent
Just then Last Last of all
Lastly Later Later on
Later that day Little by little Meanwhile
Momentarily Never Next
Not at all Not long after Not long ago
Now Occasionally Of late
Often Often time On the next occasion
Once Once upon a time Past
Periodically Preceding Present
Presently Previously Prior to
Promptly Quick Rarely
Recently Repeatedly Right after
Right away Second Seldom
Sequentially Shorty Simultaneously
Slow So far Some of the time
Some time Soon Soon after
Soon afterward Sporadically Starting with
Subsequently Suddenly Temporary
The latter The next The final
Then Thereafter This instant
Third To begin with To conclude
To finish Today Tomorrow
Twice Uncommon Ultimately
Until Until now Usually
When While Yesterday