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The Blog Hop Stops Here

Profilesofmurder.com the place to learn about serial killers and for an intro to impressive authors. What a great combination. This is a reblog of the Profile of murder blog hop.

Profiles of Murder


jackiebuxton.blogspot.com jackiebuxton.blogspot.com

Last month I was invited by Linda Williams Stirling who has a blog called, Ramblings of an Eclectic Mind, eclecticstirling.com, to participate in a blog hop tour. I don’t like blog hopping but I love Linda’s blog and her eclectic mind. Since my blog is supposed to have information about writing, I sighed and said “ok.”

Linda Sterling

I had to find three people to jump on the blog hop with me. I guess everyone else must hate hopping as much as I do, because I only had two takers. The first was the incredible, ultimate Alfie Thompson and, bless her heart, she doesn’t even have a blog!!!!!

Second was the sassy, sidesplitting (from laughter), multi-talented Sunny Cole. Since the blog hop stops here, I’ve decided to have them answer the BIG FOUR QUESTIONS on my blog. You’ll read more about my MRW sisters later.

writing humansareweird.com

Now the hard…

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