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Here’s a new list of words to help with your fiction and non-fiction writing, for school or work.

Listed below are colors often used to describe an object. This list is not about different ways to say a color, but rather each color broken down to its basic hue.

Black Brown gray
Orange Purple Red
Yellow Blue Green
Pink Silver White

Apricot pale yellow orange
Aquamarine greenish blue
Auburn reddish brown
Azure deep blue hue
Beige very pale brown
Bronze deep yellowish brown
Canary very bright yellow
Champagne pale brownish gold
Cherry deep vivid red
Chestnut deep reddish brown
Copper reddish brown
Coral deep pinkish orange
Cream color off-white yellow tinge
Crimson deep rich purplish red
Ebony black tinged with olive
Emerald bright green
Fawn pale yellowish brown
Indigo deep purplish blue
Ivory creamy white
Khaki creamy light brown
Lavender pale purple
Lilac pale pinkish purple
Magenta brilliant purplish pink
Mahogany dark reddish brown
Maroon brown with a deep purplish-red tinge
Mauve pale purple with a blur or pink tinge
Navy deep dark blue
Olive deep yellowish green
Peach creamy yellowish orange
Pearl pale grey-white tinged with blue
Periwinkle pale bluish purple
Plum dark reddish purple
Ruby deep intense purple tinged with red
Rust reddish brown
Sable very dark grayish black
Sage grayish green
Salmon pale orange pink
Sapphire brilliant blue
Scarlet bright orange tinged red
Slate dark gray
Tangerine bright orange
Taupe brown gray



  1. These lists are fantastic. Thanks for submitting them.

  2. Nice to have so many options Dee for colors! Thanks for posting!

  3. It’s also nice to have you back to posting! Look forward to seeing more!

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