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SPOTLIGHT on Misty Dietz

Misty Dietz is a glass half-full type of girl who enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, reading, writing, and teaching Zumba. She was Latina in a former life. Some in her family call her Disney. She’s ok with that. She recently completed a dark, sexy suspense, and is excited to get to work plotting a paranormal romantic suspense series. The goal of her blog, The Write Enchilada, is to get people thinking or to give them specific, concrete tips to try in their own writing

Go visit her blog, You’ll love what you find and much more.

Words to Replace Said, part 2

This list is all about words that can be used to replace the word he/she SAID (part 2) in your writing.
This group covers the B,C,D and E words to use as substitutes for SAID. Hope you can find some use for this list (115 words) when it comes to tightening and strengthening your writing.

babbled bantered bargained
barked bawled began
begged belittled bellowed
bemoaned beseeched bickered
bid blabbed blabbered
blared blasted blurted
boasted boomed bragged
breathed brooded burst
cajoled called cautioned
chaffed challenged chanted
charged chatted chattered
chewed out chided chimed
chirped chortled chuckled
cited claimed clamored
coaxed commanded commented
communicated complained complied
conceded concluded concurred
condescending confessed confided
confirmed consented contemplated
contended contested continued
contradicted conversed conveyed
cooed corroborated counseled
countered cracked cried
criticized crowed cursed
debated decided declaimed
declared decreed defended
deliberated demanded demurred
denied denounced deposed
described desperately dictated
differed directed disagreed
discussed disputed divulged
doubted drawled driveled
droned echoed elaborated
eluded emitted emphasized
encouraged endorsed enjoined
enounced entreated entrusted
enunciated estimated exclaimed
explained exploded exposed
expounded expressed

SPOTLIGHT on Ana Morgan

This bi-weekly Spotlight is on Ana Morgan
Ana blogs on “Writing Routines” at http://www.HeroineswithHearts.blogspot.com. Check out her next blog post on August 22, 2011

Ana Morgan caught the romance writing bug eight years ago. When she discovered it was harder than it looked, she took online classes and tackled weekly garden and cooking newsletters for her 100-share CSA. CSA members urged her to compile her essays into a book, and she became the gardening columnist for Northwoods Woman magazine. Ana is polishing a time travel romance, has finished a first draft of a western romance, and has an outline for a contemporary romance. She’s also the critique loop moderator for the From the Heart Romance Writers a RWA-chapter. She lives on an organic farm in the north woods of Minnesota with a
husband and more wildlife than she can count.

Words to replace SAID in your writing.

AS PROMISED, THE REVISED (CORRECTED) LIST FOR SAID. Thanks for your understanding.
This list is all about words that can be used to replace the word he/she SAID in your writing.
Personally, I think this is one area that takes time and effort on figuring out exactly what it is your characters or sources (if you are quoting someone) is trying to convey. You want to show not tell your reader what he/she is feeling in the words you use.

Accepted Accused Acknowledged
Acquiesced Additionally Added
Addressed Ad-libbed Admitted
Admonished Advised Advocated
Affirned Agreed Alleged
Allowed Alluded Announced
Answered Anticipated Appealed
Approved Argued Articulated
Asked Assented Asserted
Assumed Assured Assured
Attested Avowed


The last post I sent out was totally incorrect. I am so sorry for the mix up.

This was a reminder, yet again, that I need to focus on one thing at a time. Oh well, I’m human. Thank goodness, school is starting soon and my writing time will only be interrupted by my day job, ringing phones, construction workers (house is in the final, final stages of massive repair work) and minor other demands.

Where is my “Genie” when I need him.

I will repost the words to replace SAID in a few minutes. Thanks for understanding. The new list will be for the A words only, next week’s list, part 2, will be much longer.

Sorry again

Spotlighting: Romance Writer’s Revenge

While doing my weekly blog and website visits I came across “Romance Writer’s Revenge” a blog that has been up and running for a couple of years and offers a wide variety of topics. I loved glancing at the different pages and visiting the blogs linked to Revenge’s blog.
While reading, “Where’s the Sparkle?” by Marnee ~ July 27th, 2011, I found myself nodding and agreeing with many of her points. If you have a chance take a few minutes to stop by and check out this wonderful and informative blog. Don’t forget to check out the archives as well at http://romancewritersrevenge.com/

Would you like to have your site Spotlighted? Do you know of a site that should be spotlighted?